Braden Bell

Austin, Texas, United States

Box best practices, Creating folder structures, Onboarding new users, Secure content sharing


User Advocate and Customer Advisor ready to assist with your implementation of Box by advising your organization on administration of Box, security and collaboration settings, folder structures, workflows, use cases, and change management planning.


Hi! My name is Braden, and I'm a User Advocate and Customer Advisor at Box. My role is to address behaviors that users experience while using Box, and to facilitate Box implementation for our customers.

In these roles, I have been exposed to wide varieties of usage and have a familiarity with every aspect of Box's product base, but my main area of focus concerns the Admin Console and everything that can be controlled and accessed from it. This information makes me a powerful resource for those who wish to implement Box in their organization with the right levels of security and collaboration in place so that their organization is ready to step in to the future of work.