Sumat Lam

Austin, Texas, United States

Box best practices, Building a content strategy, Deploying Box internally, Getting started on Box

In a former life as a Customer Advisor at Box, I've had the opportunity to work with many types of business ranging from large Fortune500 companies rolling out Box to a small team to new startups looking to deploy Box to all of their users and everything in between. Everyone's goal was the same; effectively transforming their work process to adapt to the newest technology available.

Prior to my role as a Customer Advisor, I worked at Box as a User Advocate on the User Services technical support team, working with customers, the product team and engineers to resolve Box issues. Because of this prior work experience, I've come to understand the Box product and how it is used by customers very intimately.

Combined, those two experiences give me a very unique perspective into how users actively interact with Box and how Admins decide to deploy Box to their organizations.


Below is a bit of what I can assist with during a coaching session:

• Setting up your Box account from the Admin perspective
• Change management tactics: how to introduce Box to new users
• Define use cases and solutions: helping to understand where Box can add value to your organization